Saturday, 28 February 2009

Why is it....

Why is it that I detest having my photo taken so much that when I have no choice but to produce my image I feel like I having a mug shot done?

Why is it I never look at the great green eyes I have or the fabulous hair colour I have put in at the moment or even the lovely straight teeth that came about through orthodontic work as a teenager?

Surely I ask myself, my self esteem is not that low. Then I think some more and realise that I rarely look at myself in the mirror either. Simply long enough for a little make up when I am going to work and a quick brush of my hair and that's it.

Hmmmmm....I have tried everything when posting my image. Just the top of my head, my eyes only and hidden behind the camera.

I guess there is nothing more to hide. Watch out for the next installment a page with my photo on it.

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