Thursday, 5 March 2009

But Why?

I got thinking about the things that children say to us. Sometimes the funny, sometimes the sharp and sometimes the inquisitive. This all got me thinking about DS2. He has just turned 5 and 2008 had a favourite phrase....But why? Now I know these two words are fairly harmless but have you ever sat in the car with chatty 4 year old whose favourite thing to ask is but why? But why do I need to do it? But why should I? But why can be relentless some days.

As a mother I have tried to think about what questions DS2 is really asking but reality is he really is just asking But Why? Maybe this year will bring a new question involving a few more words. I look forward to blogging about that.

Here is the LO I made all about this.

But Why?

Credits; Resolve Kit by Audrea Neal, Classic Cardstock Neutral by Emily Powers. Fonts are typewriter a602 and Vaguely Repulsive


mknace said...

and why??

Beth said...

"But why" is the sweetest thing to hear. Unless it's the 245th time. Then it's FAR from sweet.

But I do know I'll remember it fondly. In a few years!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can imagine ... my mother used to complain because my favourite answer to everything was "just cause" (as in "just because", which I suppose could be the reply to "But why ?" LOL

Di at Legacy4Life said...

Love that LO Tamara :)

The only problem is we will never stop hearing it, cos if it's not our kids, then it will be our grand-kids :O