Monday, 15 June 2009

My Washing Machine

So finally my brain is back in action, I have had a snooze on the sofa, still recovering from influenza, and am feeling ever so sprightly in readiness for the children to get home from school.

I have had time to ponder on life a little, well that is when I have not been feeling sorry for myself.

Recently my washing machine broke down. Now this machine is just 2.5 years old and is all that an 8.5 kg, modern lifestyle technology has to offer in a machine. So I couldn't believe that it broke down. The electricity kept cutting out and the same part of the cycle kept repeating itself. Naturally the machine was just out of its warranted period and was going to be left to me to fund the repair. Grrrrr. Typical really. Anyway the very friendly repair man did not know what was causing the problem and essentially told me that the whole mother board, or whatever washing machines call that electronic board, would need to be replaced but he did not have a new one on him. Yeah right $200 plus to fix.

He then twiddles with the connections and left me to it. I'll be back when the I have the replacement bit.

So I am left with the machine to try and use it until he rings back.

Now in my house the washing is huge. Hayden alone causes a complete bed change each day and then we have the ordinary everyday family stuff. Really we are lost without a proper working machine, but who isn't. I cant even wait one day without washing because Hayden sometimes uses two lots of bedding in one night.

I must say I was not happy because the weather has been bad and not suitable for hanging stuff outside. Half spun washing does nothing but drip water for hours before I can hang it in front of the fire.

Luckily the little tweaking done to my machine fixed it. Who really knows what was wrong with it. Fingers crossed it does not break down again in a hurry.

Here is the offending machine.

Now here is how I dry my clothes in the winter, in front of the fire.

And finally this is what happens to my ironing when I am sick for 5 days.

Life is great isn't it.

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Anonymous said...

look on the bright side, Tamara The washing could be all over the floor as well as on the chair, while kids go in search of the mate to the sock they have in the hand, instead of getting the pair in their drawer LOL
Life is miserable when you are off sick for a week. I avoided the flu from Steve and went to the Dr for my ordinary health checks - now I have a cold / sinus type thing ! Grrr I find it SO annoying I go to the Dr well and end up sick ! This is the 2nd time this 12 months. My sympathies to you, and I bet you're well again now. But do we ever catch up ?