Monday, 24 August 2009

A miracle moment

Today Hayden needed to have his port a cath (a little device that gives direct access to veins) accessed. This is usually a drama as he became very needle phobic when he spent his 21 days in PICU in 2006. He needs this for his monthly electrolyte count to be done and easy access when IV fluids are needed which at times can be frequently. Cystinosis is a very time consuming and demanding medical condition for anyone to have.

Today was a miracle as it was the first time that Hayden did not protest at the thought of having his port a cath accessed. Now his protests involve screaming and frighting to get free as he needs to be restrained and held still. In fact he asked to have a look. The nurses and I could not believe it. Progress has been made.


Unknown said...

Good news Tam.

Anonymous said...

WOnderful progress !