Thursday, 3 September 2009

Point Shoot and Admire

My children have taken a big interest in taking photos this year. Maybe it is because they are just a little older or maybe because I am participating in Project 365, a photo a day. They get to see the camera being used way more that in previous years. So I have come up with a couple of starter pointer for them to learn. i will try and add to it over the weeks and see what kind of photographers they become.

So here they are....
1. The camera strap needs to be around their neck at all times. The last thing we need is for a dropped camera as it is the only one we have at this stage.

2. I have cut out a frame so that the idea of a photo is taken between a frame. I was inspired to do this after visiting the Auckland Botanic Gardens. Scroll down and you will see what I mean.

The reason why the concept of framing is needed is evident. Just look at this photo by DS2.

Certain a photo showing my best features off.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe this is suitable for Di's Blog Challenge, Tamara LOL
That's a good idea about the frame - I haven't heard of it before. I DO like the camera strap around the neck. I have dropped my camera many times, and it has been saved by being tied around my neck ! USually trying to carry too many things at once, to save another trip to the car LOL

Cheers, Deb.