Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Monday Menu 7 December

I am hanging out for the last days of the working year.  I cant wait I have to say.  So I have planned ahead for the meals in my house so I dont have to cook too much and the meals can be dragged out of the freezer...yes that type of meal again.

Monday   Wraps with cold meat and salad on the inside.  Very easy and the children love them.

Tuesday   My mum dropped off a frozen meal so that is for tonight.

Wednesday  Frozen caserole potatoes and green vege

Thursday   Homemade pie from the freezer with salad

Friday    DD choice of takeaways as it was her birthday earlier in the week.  She tells me it is Indian takeaways.

Saturday  BBq chicken and vege

Sunday    Leftover banquet.

Just to add to this I have baked 3 birthday cakes and 2 loads of Christmas cookies in the last 7 days.  Oh to be out of the kitchen.

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