Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Those little moments

It is just one of those moments in my house.  DS1 has come home in a really bad way.  That usually means that he is uncontrollable.

Now it is very difficult to say this but since Hayden suffered his medical emergency this time 2006 his life has been irriversably changed in many ways.  Without listing the many things that are now medically wrong with him his cognative ability and behaviours are significantly altered too.

So back to today.  He has just thrown a major tantrum (for a 7 year old) and now that he is getting taller, 110cm, and stonger they are difficult to contain.  In this state he usually throws things around the house, climbs the fences and runs away, and does everything little thing that you can imagine to hurt and damage the people and things in our house.  The only solution we have is to contain him in his room for a short period or until he stops.  Which ever is safer.

The difficulty is that this cognative skills are that of a two year old with the strenght of a 7 year old.

We have come to realise that he is unable to congnate consequences and in the end we have secure him to keep him and us safe.

We have tried a myriad of other solutions, none with success.

So i sit here thinking of the stress building inside of me and how I promised myself to embrace life and not be an emotional eater.  Instead of eating I am sitting at my computer.  It seems to be working for the time being and I am not eating needlessly.

Next I am off to put on some great music and read a book for 10 minutes or so.  Reading is something that I have discovered that I not done nearly enough of in the last few years.  Why, who knows but I love reading so I will try and find time to do more of it.

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canpeg said...

I am not surprised you haven't found time to read, Tamara. Every waking hour seems to be well and truly filled !
I hope things have returned to somewhat "calm" now, and you may even have your computer back !

Best Wishes and Hugs,