Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Isn't it odd

I had the oddest phone call today.  Odd in a good way I mean.  Next year a branch of my family, which immigrated to New Zealand from Lebanon over 120years ago, is planning a reunion.  For the first time some keen sole is endeavouring to put together a complete family tree of the two New Zealand branches of the family.  The rest of it is very difficult to find as a lot of the part of the world the information is found in seems to have been in a state of conflict for many decades.

Anyway, I respond dutifully to the email requesting information and the next thing I am talking to an unknown cousin for an hour on the phone.  It was like we had known each other for years. 

Now I have been left with a long list of dates to gather together.  That will teach me for talking way too much.

I wonder if they all have the big noses, curly hair (I cut my curls all off), and olive skin.


G.I. said...

It's exciting when you suddenly meet/connect with a relo Tam — I met a 4th cousin 27 years ago
"out of the blue" a month after my mother has passed away & today a couple of books later & reams of research, the connection is still going strong!

canpeg said...

That's right, what G said, Tamara. Some people just click, as if they are related, of course they are, but as if they have known each other for years ! OF course if you did, you may have disagreements, also, as with most families LOL

What a great day for you !