Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Helping the Neighbour

One of our neighbours is an independently living 91 year old woman.  She loves gardening and loves her outside 1/4 arce section looking tidy. 

So she has had this space with some pruned branches lying around for ages.  Every day we would see her ourside in the cool of the summers days, cutting herself some firewood. 

On this particular day DH was home and thought that he would go and help, take Hayden with him. 

This is what helping the neighbour looks like. Just bear in mind that Hayden operates at about a 2 1/2 year old so the mimicing of Dad is just perfect.  Notice the gloves and the smile on my two boys faces.

Our neighbour was so greatful that now she will have something to start her little fire with when winter arrives.


canpeg said...

Good on them, Tamara ! It's good for their souls :) and the lady is very happy, too :) I'm sure they felt good for helping her out. Bet you feel proud :)

Anne-Marie said...

Great photos Tamara... lovely moment to have captured.