Tuesday, 27 April 2010


In my mind mistakes can be just seen as learning experiences.  Like just now.  Here I am inside but my two darling little boys have decided to go out and play in the puddle.  Now this is just not any sole deep puddle but definately ankle deep at the least.  Just the sort little boys love.

So my mistake....not reminding them to stay out of the puddle.  Why.....well I dont really know except that the last thing that I really felt like doing at that moment was dealing with all those wet clothes and cold little boys right on top of making dinner.

The puddle is about three metres wide and ankle deep and the bottom of the driveway.

Now I sit down to finish typing this and find that my mistake was in not letting them play in the puddle for longer and just be children.

I omitted to mention that not only were the boys playing in the puddle but they rode their bikes through too.  Consquently Andre, all dressed for hockey got a wet bottom.  Hard to see in the photo.

Next time I will remember this let little boys be boys just maybe change the timing of the adventure so I cant be part of it.


canpeg said...

And it doesn't look like he is either comfortable, or willing to stand for the embarrassing photo ! LOL He knows where it will be going to LOL Maybe one has learnt his lesson ;)

A-M said...

With only having a daughter who did not like playing outside - preferred indoors with her barbie dolls - I did not have to deal much with muddy clothes.
I enjoy reading your writings.