Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Homework is an inevitable part of a child's school life.  Whether it is listening to the readers that are sent home, supporting the learning of spelling and basic facts...and all  the rest.   It is all there waiting to be done.  Lets not forget the extra curricular activities that require a little practice too.

So it is lucky that children are flexible because today DS2 has to do his violin practice in the car and on the footpath while we waited for DD Speech and Drama to finish.

You just have to love how much you can do in the car and then .....well you can see it still can be fun.

DS2 kept looking down the street to check if anyone was coming.  Maybe this was because it is after a couple of months of learning, he has finally how to bow on the violin....the 'e' string.  Yes he can make one note.  He is not allowed to let the bow touch any other string.  Now it is a pity that he played with the tuning knobs as the 'e' sting is out of tune and his bowing is in need of some practice.  I think that some ear plugs are needed in my house now.


canpeg said...

Ha ha, that's what my Dad used to say when I came home with a violin from High School LOL He used to say "who's got the cat's tail, now"

Good luck DS, you may turn out to be a really cool violinist one day :)

Nikki said...

Yes, learning to tune it will be another good milestone lol. I am lazy and get hubby (who is a piano tuner) to tune my violin.
I hope get enjoys learning it is a beautiful instrument to play and hear.