Monday, 5 July 2010

Bubbles to take to hospital

I am a little late with this post, I am sorry.

In my experence cheap and inexpense is the solution to entertainment at the hospital.

Firstly the mixture.  I use Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid, glycerol and water as follows

1.  450ml Morning fresh dishwashing liquid
2.  200ml Gycerol
3.  Water to add up to 2 litres.

(I know it make a lot but it keeps for ages)

I pour it into a very large water container for storage. 

As for the hospital container I use a small but easy to manage pot with a mouth large enough to poke a little blower in or lie it is.  Personally I love this little kit here from ELC as it has a bubble blowing tool just perfect for the new to bubble blowing child.

Of course all the necessary tool need to be kept in the zip locked bag ready packed in the 'hospital bag'.

Here is Andre with the bubble and one very successful bubble blower.


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canpeg said...

Yep, I have found MFresh to be an excellent bubble maker, too :)
Have to look at those recipes tomorrow, when I am not hungry at 11pm !! LOL