Thursday, 16 September 2010

An 8th birthday

On Monday it was Haydens 8th birthday.  For me it was, and always is, a time of reflection and thinking back and about what might have been.  In fact I always shed a few tears at these times.

I know that the what if can not be changed but also know that as Hayden gets older his cognative differences between him and most other 8 year olds will get larger, his face with mature so he will look more disabled etc etc.  I know that these are my issues as he does not have any comprehension of what is going on outside of his little world.

So on with the birthday.  Hayden was thoroughly excited about everything but especially blowing the candels out on his cake.  Isn't it great when the simple things in life excite us.


A-M said...

Thanks Tamara for sharing your thoughts with us. Hayden's life will have an effect on the lives of all your family and I am meaning in a positive way. Your other two will understand when they come across people in similar situations and will be able to sympathise with them.

canpeg said...

What a special birthday, Tamara. That is a lovely photo of Hayden. He is lucky to be able to enjoy the simple parts of life, without all the complex issues. I've watched my niece grow up to be a 28 yr old woman, and it is like going back 30 years in time, when life was much simpler for everyone. Wouldn't it be great, if it would just slow down a bit !