Saturday, 8 January 2011

New 52 Week 1

New to me this week was the fact that I happily posed with my children for a photo.  This is a first from what I can remember and even as I look back through the archives I dont see any like this at all.  Not only that this was a first for something else.  I actually decided to run, as much as possible, some of my hiking trail.  I just don't know what has got into me.

So here is the new me in front of the camera at the start of our hike, just an hour long around the Hunia Ranges.

If you want to read more about this then pop over to Fabulous Adventures of ListGirl


Christi said...

Great photo! I tend to stay behind the camera. Last year I did P365 and took one photo of me a month. That was enough for me. LOL

listgirl said...

Awesome New52 Tamara! I think your children will appreciate you being the photos so much as they get older. Way to go with this week's New52! And way to go with the running as well!

Peppermint said...

Two new things is just overachieving. Haha! Awesome New52!