Saturday, 19 February 2011

Residential Respite Care

Wilson Centre is the place that I love to hate.  I know hate is a strong word but I really mean this in the best possible way.  It simply is that I hate that we need to use this kind of service.

When the disabled services of New Zealand offered us respite care for Hayden I have to say I was so relieved.  The constant and significant behavioural issues, the medication regeim every 6 hours morning and night were and are placing a strain on our little family.  It was a chance to give us a break from the life that we had been thrust into.

When the reality hit then a new set of emotions raised themselves.  Was I a bad mother to want my son to go away for the weekend?  What will people think of this choice we had  made?  You know the questions we really nagging.  I even asked myself what would we do when we didnt have all the issues to deal with?

Now two years down the line I am happy to say that I am past those questions.  Infact who cares what others think.  The rest of the people in my little family need a break and we are not going to feel guilty in any way.  We are going to embrace this moment and enjoy life just like we should.  I am happy too that Hayden loves his weekends away.  I trust implicitly that Wilson Home knows how to care for Hayden and all his special needs.  I have to really, because without that trust it would be difficult to relax and just for a moment forget that this is how it is for us.

So this weekend Hayden is 'on holiday'.  This is him helping with all his luggage for two nights.  Thank you all those wonderful people who care for him so that for just a moment we can forget.

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Sassy said...

who cares what others think indeed! these places exist because the need for respite for the carers exists! *hugs*