Monday, 28 March 2011

New 52 Week 11 Food

Food is an ongoing issue for me.  It is an all or nothing effort when it comes to eating enough, too much or even not enough.  Not a good state of being really,  but enough of my food issues.

I have recently been working very hard to get fit and healthy.  I wrote about this here.  I have been eating well and exercising.  I know to be life long I need to add treats back into my plan so to benefit my sweet tooth I have discovered a new and not too costly treat.  A Mallowpuff.

A marshmellow filled treat.  I love them and they love me just for the right amount.  True luxury.  Now I am set for those sweet needing moments.


listgirl said...

Yay for finding new sweets that are just the right amount! those look quite delicious!

Sue said...

Oooh, I love these (they're called tea cakes in the UK), I'm such a kid when I eat one though, I like to pick off the chocolate, then lick the mallow & finish off with the biscuit base ... yummmm!