Saturday, 5 March 2011

New 52 Week 9

This is were I put my hand up and say I am vein.  I look in the mirror only as I step outside the door on the way to work but as my sunglasses broke last week I became increasingly conscious of the laughing lines(ha ha you know what I mean) on my face and the fact that is summer here and I was spending all day squinting, I became paranoid at the thought I was not helping my aging process in any way even though I was using sun screen and a hat are necessary. 

So I was very pleasantly surprised when DH said off I go to my favourite sun glass shop and get some new ones. He knows I like good quality glasses and I usually spend just a few dollars to look after my eyes a face.  Then I need them to be multi functional... protection, to exercise in, not too fashionable and then a little fashionable at the same time.  It is such a difficult task.

Thank you DH I went shopping and now have this new pair of sunglasses that hopefully will do the job I paid for them to do.  Oh yes and help slow the aging process.

You can see the older but broken glasses on the left and the new model there on the right.


Sue said...

Your new sunglasses look super Tamara ... when do we get to see a shot of your wearing them? Tee-hee!

listgirl said...

Hey Tamara, those looks stylist and protective at the same time! Great choice!