Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sometimes it is really hard.

As we all know sometimes life is really hard.  For us with Hayden life can be harder than for most people.  His life impacts on us all mostly in different ways.  For Andre it impacts on his behaviour.  As Haydens behaviour is in the severe end when it comes to ADHD .  Andre has decided that the way for him to get attention at home is to behave similarly to Hayden.  Oh my gosh you really dont want to know what that means.  I have tried many things to help Andre overcome this need to behave this way at home.  In fact it make me very sad and brings tears to my eyes everytime I think about Haydens impact on Andre.

I look into the past hoping that wonderful bubbly little boy will return and become a wonderful young man.

I created this page expressing this and hope each day that as Andre grows up he stops what he is doing and realises that there are other ways to gain attention from the people around him.

The credits can be found here at Nuts4digi

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