Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New 52 week 12 Shoes

With winter quickly approaching I had the need to go and source footware.  Mine had been well worn out from last year and as I am hard on my shoes there was not a chance of saving them and trying to make them last another season.

Shoes are something I love to buy.  I love them to be comfortable and I love them to help me feel taller.  Yes that was taller I said.

So last week while DH was away in China for work I took the plunge and went shopping.  A rare thing for me to do when it comes to myself.  I have to say while I love shopping online I really loooooove going to the shops and feeling the items I might purchase, dreaming a little about the if onlys and of course the trying of clothes shoes and other items on is just so much fun.

So to the two........yes two pairs of boots I bought....I had fun keeping the shop assistant busy while I tried on about 1/2 of their stock.  I was abruptly reminded that my feet do not fit thin fitted shoes.  In fact my toes don't even get anywhere near in the shoe.  Now I have a spring in my step and am well ready for the colder winter months that are almost here.

Oh I can smell that lovely new aroma of new leather shoes.  I cant wait to find the first moment to wear them.

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