Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Moving House

Well it has been quite some time since I have updated the new to me things.  Life has really taken over and since I last blogged we have sold our house, moved house, Hayden spent 3 nights in hospital and I have been working hard.

This all started the week before Easter when our house, which had been for sale over 12 months finally was confirmed for sale with two and a half weeks before we moved out.  We were caught totally unaware and essentially homeless.  There was nothing on the market that we could buy or wanted to buy if it comes to that.  So frantically I packed our home of 4 1/2 years.  Each box carefully labled and padded as required.  Luckily I am not prone to keeping things that are no longer of use and the local supermarket had a plentiful supply of banana boxes with lids on them.  Of course with it being the end of the school holidays the children were on two weeks break and we had a family holiday planned.  Needless to say it felt like life was beginning to spiral out of control just a little.  This was also compounded by the fact that DH was busy working and not home for much of the critical packing time.

So there will be no more misty view out my front door and looking forward to something new all be it temporary.

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