Friday, 1 July 2011

Lifes Little Challenges

Life has been very challenging lately.  Packing our house, moving into temporary accommodation, buying new house, organising finance, sharing a house with others, working....phew the list is ongoing.

Through all of this my time has become increasingly important.  Not that I get a lot of this but the little I get is vital to my sanity.  Today was a typical day of how buy life is.  DH is away for 12 days and nights at work, McKenzie is performing in a school production show in the evening, Andre has hockey practise and ofcourse I have been working.  Lets not forget that Haydens bed needed to be striped because those incontinence nappies leeked through 3 layers of beding so there was a full load of washing and.  I got out of bed at 6.00am and finally sat down at 8.00pm.  I had 30 minutes at home and thankfully Haydens wonderful carer helped me out with him for a little time and my mum went to the school show tonight and bought McKenzie home. 

Phew and that is all in one day.

So heres to my cabin, my bedroom and little space of sanity for the short term (well actually that is another story), my relaxing music.  I must treat myself to this just a little more often.

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A-M said...

Sounds like life is rather busy for you Tamara.
Hope all goes smoothly and quickly for the purchase of the new home.

McKenzie's lessons in drama certainly would have helped her and Wow! how grown up she looks now.