Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Life is full of technology today.  Some of it I think that I could live without, well for a short time anyway, like my oven (Used my barbeque for all of 2010), I can even live without the TV, Computer, electricity just like when we go camping each January a book an unpowered site.  Here I must add that a pre requisite to camping for me is that the camping ground gives me access to a hot shower at the end of the day and a flushing toilet, no long drops for me).

There are some bits of technology I can't do without.  Well it is Hayden that can't do with it.  His pump that delivers his overnight food, has been throwing up errors all week interrupting both his fluid/ food intake and my sleep.  It has taken me about 7 days to realise that Hayden is not playing with the machine but the machine itself is playing up. Seven nights of limited sleep. 

So I am bought once again to understand why Hayden can not come camping with us, on the unpowered site.   Thankfully we have a replacement machine.  Hayden is now getting his full compliment of calories and fluids (to prevent the ever looming dehydration.).

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