Thursday, 23 February 2012

Look there Grandad

Hayden makes us smile frequently.  This was just one of those moments that he shows where is cognative level is at.

Hayden (talking into the phone)  

(Ok his hair looks bad.  He attempted to cut it by himself)

 Hello Grandad.....yes .....yes...... Hayden said the F word.   Yes he said the naughty word..........Grandad can you see the plane in the sky....there it is.  ...look it is a cesnar.

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Bee said...

His hair is cute! Looks so soft and thick, too. He did a much better job at cutting it than my boys did on their own when they attempted to a while back. Think bald spots and zig zags. Being the mean mummy that I am though I ignored it for a few months and let them go around looking silly. Hey, wasn't my fault they decided to play hairdresser!