Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Our new to us house requires some DIY work.  Naturally all these things require money and then time to get them achieved.  We currently have two projects on the go both keeping us busy currently. 

That is where the ladders come into play as a board or two is needing replacing along the roof line and preferably before winters wet weather arrives in full force.  I know that it just the beginning of autumn here but because summer did not really arrive here this year I am thinking that winter might make a hurried arrival this year and then the window of opportunty to do this outdoor work would be lost.

So out came the ladders (my height phobic husband does not like ladders much) and with a little help and me to fetch and carry anything and everything, a little board replacement has started.

Naturally the paint job will be next summers job.  Something bright and breezy I am thinking.  You know summer cottage in feel.

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