Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I am the first to admit

Here it is, there is no more hiding.  I am eating too much of the wrong foods and need to pay more attention to it.  I know there will be some of you who will be saying why are you worrying.  But for me it is a problem I know what is like to be borderline anorexic so my sense of what is a good weight is a little different than most.  I am working on that.  I too know why I over eat and extras.

Anyway enough of that.  This post is to say that as of today I am promising my self to keep the exercising up (even when it is cold and wet outside) and to look after my food intake.  I promise myself not to get onto the scales anything more than once a weekand most of all promise to set a fine example to my children.

 I know not a good look but there I am out on the road running.

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