Tuesday, 17 July 2012

In the Kitchen

As my daughter will not do food technology at school, don't ask why it is a long story,  but needless to say I thought that it would be important to a make sure she could not only bake cookies but could make a meal.  I had the idea to start simple and for her to make a meal with me and then move on from there.

So Thursday was going to be the day.  I thought we could take a good look at something simple salad and baked potato and chicken (a change from my menu plan) but my two children decided that they would like to be in the kitchen, baking.  I couldn't smash their idea and so off they went.  I left them to their own devices as recipes had been picked and an action plan formed.

Hmmmm as you can see I think that a little more practise on how to keep the kitchen somewhat tidy as you go might be necessary before the next cooking venture.

As for the cookies, my bakers thought that they tasted great and they were pleased that some cookies were in the tin ready for the start of school.

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