Saturday, 18 August 2012

Fridays Fabulous 5 # 17

Welcome to this weeks finds.

1.  I just love this canvas so I am linking you up.  I am thinking it will make a great gift

2.  If you are into digital scrapbooking then Donna Duncombe has a freebie going on her facebook     page.  She has a grea style which is bright and fun.

3.  How about making some homemade wash cloths.  I got in my email this pattern. 

4.  How about a quick read on school lunches.  Just incase you are feeling a little jaded and need a new view point.

5.  Finally most relevant in my house this article about tweenage girls.

1 comment:

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Thanks for the lunches link. I bought new air tight containers today to gear towards spring/summer recipies which are lighter and juicer.
About your previous post, according to my 16 year old son his stomach "doesn´t wake up so early". Lol!