Tuesday, 25 September 2012

When does being Disabled Officially mean Disabled?


Today I had the uneviable task of providing evidence to the necessary government department that my son is still disabled.  Yes you read that right....still disabled.  I have to say when I first read the letter asking me to do this I was somewhat perplexed.  In fact I sat there asking myself if this was something that parents of children would lie about? 

So then what does New Zealand determine a disabled? Hmmm according to the State Services Commision it is

" Statistics NZ defines disability as "any self-perceived limitation in activity resulting from a long-term condition or health problem; lasting longer or expected to last longer than six months or more and not completely eliminated by an assistive device".2 Statistics NZ also draws on the World Health Organisation's functional definition of disability of "...any restriction or lack (resulting from an impairment) of ability to perform an activity in the manner of within the range considered normal for a human being".3'"

I am postitive that someone with high medcial needs, significant cognative and behavioural needs is disabled.  In fact any one of these issues my son has would make him disabled on its own. Anyway I went down to the local government depart that required this of me and asked why yet again do I need to prove to them that my son is as he is.  Rules she said.  I think really it is an unnecessary and insensitive process that is treating my family like we are untrustworthy people.  Not pleasant at all.


Ok now I feel a little better

(PS my son is not in a wheelchair, nor have any other notable diablitly to look at)

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