Tuesday, 13 November 2012

2012 Christmas Card

In September I blogged about great Christmas card photo ideas I was thinking of implimenting this year.  I really liked the chalk idea but could not find the right surface to have a go at it so then opted for the child and lights ideas.

So here is the card I have made for this year.  Photo taken and tweaked by me.

(The credits for this card can be found at Nuts4Digi)
I am so happy with the outcome and can't wait to get the printer warmed up so I can print them off and post.  This weekend I am hoping so that my overseas friends can get the mail in time.  Hmmmm I wonder if card sending is still the done thing.  So much is done on the internet I serious think cards might be an art form that is limited in life span.


Leovi said...

Good idea ... good composition and beautiful light.

Mandy Ferry said...

far better than my efforts. well done. I love it.