Tuesday, 5 March 2013

February in Numbers

With February being the start of the school year we have been busy getting back into routine.  I don't know if my numbers reflect this but here we go

  • 28 days and no rain....still.  We are verging on drought and have had to buy in water once already to put in our tanks.  Here I am checking the water.  The photo is my reflection in the water at the bottom of the tank before we go the water we needed.

  • Auckland, where I live, has had less than 20% its usual rain fall for February.  No wonder we are buy our tank water in.  Of course we are not complaining.  Last year we had no summer to speak of.
  • One 5 hour hockey session for McKenzie even though the season has not stated and we are in the throws of a long and hot summer.  She even got to be ball girl when Auckland U21 women played the Australian Secondary School girl.  She is 4th from the left.

  •  Andre has started back at junior golf and has played 4 holes 3 times in February.  He is there on the green somewhere.

  • We have spent 2 days preparing our fire wood  getting it ready for splitting in March
  •  Novopay (the new payroll system for teachers in New Zealand owned by the Australian company Talent2) has paid me once correctly and once I have been over paid.  After six months of getting wrong most of the time I am getting very tired of it all.
  •  A melatonin break of 1 week is what Hayden just needed. It was really hard work.  It reminded me why he needs help to unwind and go to sleep.  If only that wasn't the case.

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jkluginbill said...

That's quite a month.
Hard to imagine a drought right now in the midst of all the rain up here; however soon enough we'll be having to conserve...

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back.

Kimbeelee said...

I love your month in numbers. :) I thought you were so brave to take a picture of your reflection over the water. I'd be so worried about dropping the camera. :D Lots of interesting things in your post. I hope you get some rain soon!!

Julie Kirk said...

Sounds like a tough month Tamara - with lots of things niggling away at you. I guess it shows that, when we document our real lives ... then not everything can be about the fun side of things.

I hope the new month brings you some respite... and rain.

Your post is now with the others - there were quite a lot of us this time round: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Julie :-)

Nanna Kate said...

Agree with Kimberlee i'd be way too nervous! Have a fab March!