Wednesday, 10 April 2013

March in Numbers

What a busy month in house....well maybe that is the normal in my house.

So here are my numbers featuring number 2.

  • we had to buy 2 lots of  water to put in  our water tanks due to the ongoing drought.  Here we are with the water tank at our house 7.30 in the morning.  We were his second delivery that day.

  •  2 mornings of rain that's it since Boxing Day 2012.
Nothing like a happy rain dance when you get a little respite from the weather.

  • Hayden had 2 blood test 2 weeks apart because his creatinine level was very high even for him.  He has kidney disease.
  • We had to buy 10 bails of hay to keep the cow in our paddocks fed.
  • 320sq m of tin roof that makes up our house/ garage/ carport and 'man cave' was prepared and painted twice.  150sq m of deck is underway.

  • I/2 of our rather large wood shed is filled with enough fire wood, sourced (from a recyclable source) felled, split, moved and stacked.  I have to say in the middle of a drought it does not feel like we need fire wood ....but I really know better.  So I am happy that once those crisp cool days of winter hit us we will be able to walk around the house with our shorts and t'shirts on and the house will be lovely and dry.
  • Hockey started in our house with 2 days of musters and team selection,  to mark the ominous arrival of all those Saturday mornings of sport about to start.
  • I lost my car keys for the 2nd time in 18 months.  I am keen to find a solution to this problem I see to have.  Just maybe a bit of technology that helps with the find component might just help.
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alexa said...

Hello Tamara and thank-you for popping into my blog and saying hello! Delighted to come and visit, and I am just stunned by your numbers about the lack of water. I had no idea there had been so little rainfall. I love that photo of standing in the rain :). No wonder it is welcomed with such open arms! Hoping the family stays well and looking forward to visiting again!

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your post has a lot of 'twos' in it too! I love the rain dance photo.

Julie Kirk said...

Hoping Hayden's doing better now ... and that you might have had another rainy day.

It must be so hard - but that is a lovely rain dance photo!

I painted my decking and plan to put it in my April numbers ... but it's so mcuh smaller than yours!

You're on the board now Tamara:

Thanks for joining me again - here's to a good April for you all.

Julie :-)

Nathalie said...

I always enjoy others' numbers especially when they live so far away from me! I had no idea your corner of the planet had a drought! Hoping the rain dance brings more rain for you this winter!