Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Our Fabulous Neighbour.

The lovely Faye live just 5 minutes down the road.  She is the very young age of 70 and lives alone with her many animals including Lucky...her rescue dog.

Hayden  has taken a liking to visiting Faye and her dog.  She has taken a liking to Hayden visiting. 

So this is what a visit to Fayes house looks like.

Hayden walking Lucky around Faye's yard.

 Showing lots of love.

Great friends.

Lucky was a very anxious dog when he was rescued.  Now he hears Hayden coming up the road and barks with excitement at his pending visit.

We are not in a position to care for a dog. You really need the time to dedicate to one.  Something we don't have much of.

So thank you to Faye.  Hayden has these photos hanging on the wall in his room.  He can't wait to show us these photos most days.

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