Friday, 17 October 2014

October brings........

As always the holidays brings the arrival of spring and all the out door chores that come with the introduction of a little warmth to the weather.  You know the the house, washing the windows, staying on top of the fast growing lawn and the sad looking garden.

So when I am busy pulling those pesky weeds out, yes they are knee high after a winter of neglect, a smile is bought to my face when I see my boys out playing.  A spaceship with accompanying astronaut and  of course what spaceship would be complete without its mode of movement and navigation (the one having to pull the spaceship around.)

Now just to find an easier way to to keep the garden weeds at bay.

1 comment:

Alicia - OneMotherHen said...

That trolley looks like awesome space ship transportation! I see someone in the background gardening :)