Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Monday Menu 22 February

Another week checked off and we are into full swing as far as the school year goes.  Here is my favourite meal for the week.  Stacked with zucchini, tomato and chorizo and a distinct chilli flavour everyone in my house loved it.  I know the photo is not perfect but I could not help but post it here.

Here is my menu for the week.  A lot of eating in the car for us as DH is away and we are busy rushing around.

Monday  Cold meat, new potatoes and green garden salad.

Tuesday  spaghetti bolognese

Wednesday  naked beef burgers with beetroot and carrot salad and homemade chips  

Thursday  mince and cheese kumara top pies with green garden vegetable.

Friday   fish fillets with baked potato and vege

Saturday  spanish meatballs with salad

Sunday   Leftovers

I am linking this to Im an Organising Junkie

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