Thursday, 19 February 2009

More Layouts

Yes I have been busy since my computer came back.

Here is another group of layouts using Lindsay Jane's Art 101 and the girls add on.

Here is DD at Butket Shibandar, Brunei. Okay it is a historical photo but playgrounds were not a common thing in Brunei and it was stinking hot. It was a fabulous afternoon of play at this traditional playground. Just look at how much fun the photo is portraying.

Everytime you Smile

My second is from the same kit. It is a reflection of just one of the activities we undertook during our holiday at home this summer.

Chalk Creations

Such a simple to clean up task. Out on the driveway under the Camillia tree. Nothing more than a little rain or next time you wash the car to clean it all up.

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Melissa said...

Great layouts Tamara. Love the design for both of them.