Monday, 30 March 2009

Little Tearaways.

I have moments when I wish I had more help around my house. DD does speech making sessions. When DH is away I am in the position to take DS's 1 and 2 with me. Now at 4 pm at the end of a term at school both little Mr's are full of energy and not great when it comes to using their ears.

Luckily the venue we are at has a small community hall the boys are able to make use of. Well this particular Tuesday, just last week, they spent the 30 minutes charging up and down the hall using their best voices, opening and shutting the doors and in general making a lot of noise and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

By now DS1 concerta has well worn off and he is hyperactive to the maximum. DS2, 5years, tells me that they were really good, did as they were asked and had fun. Meanwhile I am there thinking how I wish they would keep the noise down so as to not disturb the lesson, stop going in and out of the doors and generally listen just a little more.


This is the one photo I took and made into a LO showing all of this.

Credits; paper from Spreading the Cheer kit by WW, scatter dots and frame from Kicking up the Leaves kit by WW
staple from Being Me by WW, heart holes from Ho Owls You by Cinnamon Design
alpha (recoloured) from Rock a Motion kit by Cinnamon Designs, WA Thoughtful a blog freebie, sorry it unpacked loose and I dont know by who. Fonts are Vaguely Repulsive and Underwood 1913

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