Monday, 30 March 2009

We are ready.

It is autumn here. We are still getting lovely warm sunny days but cooler night. This last weekend we finally did the last push on collecting our fire wood. It has taken for ages, well since the middle of January to complete this process.

Firsty we are really lucky that my parents have a 16 acre block of land with a large grove of a renewable resource, pine trees.

So in January the right number of trees for two families had to be fell. At that time they need to be trimmed of their branches, cut into rounds and then left to dry out in the summer days.

Next a splitter needs to be hired and about 3 days of splitting to logs takes place. The final step is to collect and stack the wood.

Well this weekend just gone we completed the last stage, collecting and stacking the wood. My bones ache, I'm tired but I know that we will be dry and warm all winter long.

I have to admit at this stage that, in our house, we are softies. Winter will involve only getting a couple of frost all winter long and it never ever gets close to snowing. This being so, I still can't stand the cold, even the temperatures we get. It must the those years of living on the equator in Brunei that has turned me into a softy, or so my DH says. I prefer to walk around with a t'shirt and shorts on with the fire going strong than to wear all my warm clothes inside with nothing warmer to put on when I go out.

It also saves us heaps of money by not using the drier. I can dry my clothes in front of the fire overnight while saves electricity use. Yah.

Don't think we are cold enough yet to light the fire. That is about 6 - 8 weeks away depending how wet things get and how much asthma DS2 is faced with this winter.

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