Monday, 4 May 2009

My hairdresser

I am not a vain person by nature but I love my hairdresser.

In the space of 2 hours she can take away my natural highlights (yes about 3/4 of my hair is that colour and been going that way since I was about 16years old), and replace them with artificial highlights. Let's not forget the haircut wanted - short and sharp looking. My curls have all been cut out, yay. I know many people go to the hairdressers to have them put in but mine really have the 80's look about them and take ages to look after.


I love my hairdresser. Now to take a photo......I hate having my photo taken.

Okay DS2 and I had a little fun taking the photo and took the top of my head and you can see DS just in the corner.


Anonymous said...

Love the hairdo ! Phew ! Not the view I thought it may have been LOL

Deb :)

Clara said...

I had all kinds of visions of what kind of view we were going to be getting of you! Love the hair style... and your DS in the corner just looks so cheeky!

A-M said...

Great photo Tamara... you should use it on a layout. Your hairdresser does do a good job.

Melissa said...

Nice "view" Tamara, love DS peaking out from under, I wonder what he thought about it all.