Tuesday, 14 July 2009


The school holidays are coming to an end here in New Zealand. This break from school is just two weeks long and in the middle of winter. I feel sorry that my children are not getting to go away but that is how life goes in our house this break. We are renovating the last bathroom in the house, yes we have 3, and then the house is about ready to put on the market to sell. I hope that this is all ready to sell in about 6 weeks.

So the renovational challenge is putting in a new bath. I think easy and I can get the new plaster board in etc etc. How wrong could I have been. It will be a saga that I will be able to blog about for some time. Firstly the old yellow, think of a babies nappy, bath was glued in and needed to be smashed to get it out. Then the bath required a cradle to be build to rest it in. My DH and father thought that they would tackle that task. Hmmm all morning they tried to sort out the cradle and then just before lunch DH comes to me laughing saying that they have just discovered the instructions for building one. Well I had to laugh too, a whole morning spent trying to work out something that was on a bit of paper that came with the bath.

Here is the bath. Oh the room had paint over wallpaper which has to come out too. Finally you might wonder why a bath rather than a shower. The house already has two showers. No need for any more I think.

Bath out.

Now to get the bath level and fitted close enough to the bath so that we can, I mean....I can, tile two rows of tiles as a splash board. I guess that is for another blog as novices can take some time to work these things out.

Watch out for those photos.

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