Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Monday's Menu

I thought it might make life just a little easier, especially when school goes back and I am working, to make more of a menu plan. So I came across this blog...I'm an Organizing Junkie...to get inspired. I was thinking that I would mean that DH would be in the menu loop too when it was he turn to prepare diner.

Now I know that I am two days late but I thought that I would post it anyway to see how things go.

Monday.......blank for this week

Tuesday......blank for this week

Wednesday Roast Chicken with vege and salad (bbq)

Thursday Hearty Beef Casserole source Weight Watchers Magazine July 2009 pg 71

Friday Pizza This week I am testing to see if I can freeze my home made base.

Saturday French Onion Soup source Weight Watchers Magazine June 2009 pg 64

Sunday Toasted sandwiches and leftovers.

Fingers crossed that this works for me because it would make life easier I think.


Melissa said...

I always mean to do this but everyday I find myself doing the old what's for dinner routine. I like your new blog design too.

Laura said...

Welcome! Thanks so much for joining us and I do hope menu planning is as much of a lifesaver for you as it is for me.