Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Wordless Wednesday 17 November

Here is my photo for the week.  I am linked to Babble On and Wordless Wednesday

I tried to get a fun photo for my Christmas cards this year.  This shot is one of the many I took.  Still looks for the right photo and am going to try again this weekend.


amandab said...

I know the drama of trying to get that perfect Christmas card photo! Which is why I just craft them these days LOL

It IS still a fun shot thought :)

Happy WW!

sevencherubs said...

ah the pain of getting the right shot - with seven kids we have to take lots and lots of pictures :) this one is great though!

Marita said...

Great picture :)

I accidentally took a picture yesterday that will be perfect for our Christmas cards :)

Photography said...

I think it is nice but yes i takes time to get the right shot and then sometimes when you aren't ready for it one just happens!