Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New 52 week 5

So here I am blogging for the third time today.  I am playing catch up incase you are wondering.

Week 5 n my New 52 project, a project about me is another self improvement thing.  I have always struggled with having finger nails that I would not be embarrassed about.  Yes you know what I mean, I bit them especially in times of stress or unhappiness.

This week I am pleased to say things are looking up in this department.  While I have a couple of broken nails this is the best sent of nails I have had since I decided acrylic was the answer for me.

So proudly (not looking at the short stumpy fingers and wrinkles) here are my fingers.

Now maybe I need to go and get them groomed properly.  I guess that could be a new thing for another week.

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listgirl said...

Yay, those nails are lookin' good! New unbitten nails, hooray! I keep my fingernails rather short due to typing a lot on my computer. Me and long fingernails don't get along.