Thursday, 17 March 2011

Monthly round up February (late)

What books or magazines did I read.
It is sad to say that I am still reading a book I started some weeks ago.  I have simply run out of time to fit it into my schedule but fingers crossed that March will see things like this improve.
I did glance through a magazine called Carers.  Upon flicking through it was only for the aged and disabled not for people like my husband and I  Of course sitting at the hairdressers I managed to brouse a few girly magazines at the hairdressers though.
My favourite TV show or movie. 
I am not usually a great fan of reality shows but I really enjoy watching the Amazing Race.   Ok I have just discovered that we are a season behind so I havent looked at the web site but we are on Season 17.  I dont get to watch movies much but perhaps I should be making a wish list of movies I would like to see.
What are the fun things that I have done with my family
We do fun things around the house mainly.  Hayden makes it difficult to do outings but I know that the little things around the need to be recorded.  Not sure what it was we did but will be careful to record them in future.
Health Issues and Things
this is always something in our house that could be really dramatic and the need to call 111.  Luckily we have all been really healthy and well.  I am pleased the say that Hayden is now really comfortable having his port a cath accessed and now sits up to help.  He does not need three people to hold him down.  I am so please with this progress.
My Accomplishments in February
I have lost a heap of weight since 1 December 2010.  Well it is heap of weight for me.  I am so pleased that February was the month when I felt really fit, happy and healthy.  I am planning to maintain this so watch this space.  I too have been busy working.  This is a major juggling act for me as Hayden requires a lot of organising for me to get to my relief teaching work.  Now I am consistently getting 3 days of work a week which I am really pleased with.  I too have completed two school applications for 2012 for McKenzie with more to come.  This task is like cutting down a for all the paper work I needed to fill in and post out and one for the cheque (I know an antiquated form of payment) I need to fill out so her application can be processed.

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