Thursday, 17 March 2011

New 52 Week 10 We have an emergency plan

In our house we have had an emergency plan.  I think we might call it a Hayden emergency plan.The sort of plan when the children know when and why we need to call 111 for an ambulance and even how to respond to the operator.  They too know what that means with regard to panic levels and following instructions etc.  We all know this plan because we have had to practise it quite a few times.

Recent world wide events including the Earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand (I live in Auckland New Zealand) the horrific tsunami in Japan, have prompted me to make so more robust plans for a natural emergency.

So I have ordered this kit from St John New Zealand and will add to this a special kit for Hayden and top up with a few extra bits and bobs we have at home.  In fact I have no idea how we would cater for him as he required 2 litres of water a day and electricity to run everything.  Hmmmm I am yet to solve that issue.

I have printed out this form and am creating a plan with the children and DH when he gets home from working in Vancouver and am working through this planning sheet to help should we need it.

I am not paranoid to the extent that I can't do or go anywhere but I guess it just gives peace of mind.  Also Andre is learning about 111 and emergencies at school so it is good timing for our 7 year old.

I will post a photo when I have the two little packs all organised and packed.  As for the planning three days in advance.  That will take a little time to assemble but the intention is there.  Oh our barbeque bottle is full so we will be cooking.

So even though it is unlikely that Auckland will suffer from and earthquake you never know just what kind of emergency we might be ready for.

So keep an eye out for when all things are gathered and photos taken and I will post what I have done to get us ready for an emergency.

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listgirl said...

It's always good to be prepared for an emergency. I should follow your example and create a plan.