Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Our house is not new.  In fact it is old enough to be in need of a good renovation job.......30 something years old. 

New Zealand is not well known for robust building construction.  Now I don't mean here the structural work but the everything else stuff...insulation in particular.

This year we have been lucky enough to take advantage of a government initiative to insulate homes built before 1980, that is us.  It also targets families with the medically fragile.  That is us again.  So with two big ticks and the lure of a 66% discount on ceiling and under floor heating we went ahead with the process.

Now that we are having really cold days and even colder nights I can tell you that this is the best piece of investment that we could have made.  I know that I love my house warm, and that I run my fire all winter day and night, the insulation has made a great difference.  My fire does not need to run as hot to make my house tropically warm, my electric blanket is not getting a long workout and of course I can still walk around my house with shorts and t shirt on while it is frosty outside.

Now we just need to look at our curtains as there is no discount for double glazing and we will be ready to wear swim suits inside all winter next year  (insert a big smily face right here.)

So there is the truck with the insulation.

and here is the ceiling, now well insulated keeping us toasty warm.

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