Sunday, 25 May 2014

Another project done.

I have set a goal this year to get finished all my unfinished digital projects.   This project was one for my daughter.  It is a photo book covering her representative hockey year last year.  This was a book celebrating the things a great team culture can do for young girls.  The positive sporting experience both on and off the field I hope will provide my daughter fabulous insight into how hard work, friendship and respect all can contribute to an unforgettably positive experience.

Best of all I see her taking a look at the book.  I see her smile every time she picks up the book.  I am so glad that I had plenty of photos to make this book the special project it is.


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Debbish said...

I've only done the one photo book but my SIL has heaps. Every time they travel she makes photo books on her arrival home so the family have something to remember the trip by. It's a great idea in this digital world!